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General Conditions of Use

General Conditions of Use
Dorsett - Your Rewards (hereinafter referred to as the “Programme”) is a loyalty programme designed to reward guests for staying at a Dorsett, Dao by Dorsettd.Collection or Silka hotels participating in the Programme as set out in Appendix 1 (the “Participating Hotels”) under Dorsett Hospitality International Limited and its subsidiaries, associated companies and affiliates (“Dorsett”). The following terms and conditions are intended to protect guests who successfully enrol in the Program (“Membersand “Membership” shall be construed accordingly). Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our Programme Administrator at or log on to (hereinafter referred to as the “Programme Website”).
  1. Membership Eligibility                  
A guest may join the Programme in any one of the following ways:
  • During his or her stay at a Participating Hotel;
  • By registering online and completing the required information on the Program Website,, or; or
  • By submitting the registration form and returning it to one of the Participating Hotels.
By participating in the Programme and taking advantage of its benefits, you agree that:
  • you will maintain and use only one account under the Programme at any time;
  • you are the only individual using your Membership in the Programme   (i.e. you are not sharing your account with anyone); 
  • you have provided valid contact information;
  • you only have one email address for the Membership account;
  • you are responsible for reading and understanding the Programme, its rules and other communications from the Programme in order to understand your rights, responsibilities and status in the Programme;
  • you should possess the legal authority to agree to the Programme's rules; and
  • you have not enrolled as a company and/or other entity (only individuals are permitted to enrol in the Programme).
Members must accept this General Conditions of Use, the Personal Information Collection Statement and the Personal Data Privacy Statement and Security Policy on the Programme Website , either online or at the hotel.
Once accepted, Member will benefit fully from all the Programme services, including access to the different functions of the Programme Website (such as accessing the Programme, checking his/her Membership account, redeeming points earned under the Programme (“Programme Points), etc.).
The Programme Membership is only open to individuals resident in the countries in which the Programme is permitted to operate by law.
  1. Eligible Stay
An “Eligible Stay refers to a stay by a Member when:
  1. it is booked through an “Eligible Booking Channel (refer to Section 3 below); AND
  2. its room-related expenses meet the “Eligible Rates (refer to Section 4 below).
An Eligible Stay allows a Member to earn Programme Points and accumulate room nights (“Eligible Nights”) for earning one of the status levels under the Programme (hereinafter referred to as the “Member Status) to enjoy the many different benefits and privileges under the different status levels.
An Eligible Stay is not bound by the means of payment i.e. regardless of who the room is paid by or how the room is paid for, as long as the Member actually stays in any of the Participating Hotels that will be deemed Eligible Stay. 
Member can collect Programme Points and Eligible Nights for up to three rooms, including the room Member is staying in or stayed in plus a maximum of two additional rooms that are/ were occupied by other parties provided that (i) Member has/ had made these room reservations; (ii) Member is staying/ stayed in another room in the same Participating Hotel during the same period; and (iii) that the additional room(s) is /are/ was/ were not occupied by another Member.
In the event the expenses related to the Eligible Stay are/ were partly paid by cash and partly redeemed by Programme Points, only the part that is paid by cash will be eligible for Programme Points.
  1. Eligible Booking Channels
Only stays booked at Eligible Rates via an authorized Dorsett distribution channel are entitled to earn Programme Points. The eligible reservation channels include:
  3. reservation center of the Participating Hotels; and
  4. online travel websites which have direct distribution partnership (direct contract) with Participating Hotels #
(collectively the “Eligible Booking Channels)
# Eligible stays do not include stays booked via a reseller tour operator or through unauthorized travel agents on online travel websites. These stays do not enable the Member to earn Programme Points or to collect Eligible Nights to obtain a Member Status. 
For stays booked via authorized travel agents which have a direct distribution partnership (direct contract) with Participating Hotels, these stays do not enable the Member to earn Programme Points but able to collect Eligible Nights to obtain a Member Status.
Member’s redeemed stay(s) including but not limited to complimentary stay, partially paid by cash and partially settled by Programme Points (except the part that is paid by cash), and birthday stay will not be entitled to earn Programme Points   .
  1. Eligible Rates
Room-related expenses (including room rate, room upgrade fee, late check-out, early check-in, etc.) that are booked via the Eligible Booking Channels and at an eligible rate which is equal to or above the respective Participating Hotel’s minimum qualified rate (“Eligible Rate”) will earn Member his/her Programme Points and accumulate Eligible Nights for Member Status.

Minimum qualified rate will apply on point issuance for a third party booking channel and selected hotel packages. This differs from hotel to hotel and may change due to various conditions including the booking source, promotion offers and seasonality.  Minimum qualified rate may also apply to promotional bookings that are made with hotels directly, except for Dorsett Grand Labuan Hotel.

In the event a stay is for more than one (1) night, the average daily room rate will be used as the Eligible Rate.
All cancelled and no-show bookings will not accrue any Points or Eligible Nights even if the bookings are fully paid.
  1. Earning Points                     
When Member has an Eligible Stay at one of the Participating Hotels and this stay includes at least one paid night, the Member’s account is credited with Programme Points corresponding to the stay.
Points are calculated based on the expenses related to the Eligible Stay (refer to Section 2 above), excluding service charge, tax, VAT or GST.   The Eligible Stay must be settled in full.  In other words, the payment must have been accepted and confirmed by the Participating Hotel.
A guest must already be a Member at the time of stay in order to earn Programme Points.  

Programme Points are valid for 18 months from date of issuance and are cancelled at the end of the 18th month, e.g.if Programme Points are earned on 15 September 2018, the expiry date for the Programme Points would be 30 March 2020.
  1. Programme Points Scale
The Programme offers four Member Status levels attributed according to the number of Eligible Nights earned: Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
Each Eligible Booking Channel (refer to Section 3 above) has its own Programme Points generosity scale to earn Programme Points, as shown in the table below:
Eligible Booking Channels Programme Points Scale Percentage

Participating Hotel Brand:
Dao by Dorsett
Programme Points Scale Percentage

Participating Hotel Brand:
Booking directly with the Participating Hotel e.g. through its official website and hotel reservation center 3% of the expenses related to Eligible Stays excluding service charge, tax, VAT or GST 1% of the expenses related to Eligible Stays excluding service charge, tax, VAT or GST
Booking exclusive/promotional/seasonal offers directly with the Participating Hotel e.g. through its official website and hotel reservation center 1.5% of the expenses related to Eligible Stays excluding service charge, tax, VAT or GST
Booking via online travel websites through its direct distribution partnership with the Participating Hotel 0.5% of the expenses related to Eligible Stays excluding service charge, tax, VAT or GST
  1. Calculating Points
  1. The expenses related to the Eligible Stay excluding service charge, tax, GST and VAT in the local currency of the Participating Hotel will be converted into US dollars according to the exchange rate adopted by Dorsett.    
  1. The expenses related to the Eligible Stay in US dollars will then be converted into the Programme Points  based on the table in the Programme Points scale (refer to Section 6 above) and on 1 US Dollar to 1 Programme  Point  basis
  1. Silver Members and above will be entitled to additional Programme Points according to the Additional Bonus Points Multiplier listed below, subject to the Member Status at the time of check-out.
Member Status Additional Bonus Points Multiplier
Classic n/a
Silver X 1.1 (10% more)
Gold X 1.2 (20% more)
Platinum X 1.3 (30% more)
  1. When application of the Programme Points earned scale leads to Programme Points with a decimal fraction, Programme Points will be rounded to the nearest one decimal place. e.g. If the Programme Point earned is 1.14 (or below), it will be rounded down to 1.1; if the Programme Point earned is 1.15 (or above), it will be rounded up to 1.2.   
The earned Programme Points will be adjusted to the Programme Points balance in the Member’s account 24 hours after check-out date.  Programme Points and Eligible Nights cannot be transferred to another Member. They are strictly personal.   
Programme Points have no monetary value.  Under no circumstances can unused Programme Points be encashed.
The Programme Points are credited to Members as long as they stay in a Participating Hotel.   Only one (1) Member will be credited Programme Points per room.  If two or more Members are sharing a room, it is the Member’s responsibility to advise the hotel at the time of reservation as to which Member’s account the Programme Points should be credited to.
  1. Member Status
Members may at any time achieve a higher Member Status when they reach the required number of Eligible Nights, as shown in the table below (note that day use does not constitute an Eligible Night).
Member Status Number of Eligible Nights in a Membership year
Classic Newly enrolled, 0 – 7 Eligible Nights
Silver 8 – 19 Eligible Nights
Gold 20 – 29 Eligible Nights
Platinum 30 or above Eligible Nights
  1. Each Member Status lasts for twelve (12) months (a Membership year) from the effective date of the new Status.
  2. At the start of each new Membership year, an assessment is made of Eligible Nights earned by a Member during the previous Membership year:
  • If, at the end of the Membership year, Member has not stayed for the required number of nights to retain him o her in his or her current Status, he or she will  attain the Member Status according to the number of Eligible Nights Member stayed in the previous Membership year.
  • If Member reaches a higher Member Status at any time during the Membership year, the new Status will be effective automatically 24 hours after the check-out date of the last stay at the Participating Hotel.  Member will receive an email notifying him/her of the new Member Status attained.  The new Member Status will thereafter last for the ensuing 12 months
  1. The Member Status and the earned Eligible Nights will expire if the Membership account becomes inactive for a continuous period of thirty (30) months or more.
  2. Only Members are entitled to the benefits according to their Member Status under the Programme.
  1. Member Benefits
Members are entitled to enjoy the below benefits according to their Membership tiers.  Selected benefits are exclusive to bookings made directly with a Participating Hotel or on the Programme Website only.

Dorsett – Your Rewards Programme Benefits (last update 2018.10.18)  
Required Eligible Room Nights to Qualify for Membership Classic
Upon successful enrollment
8 nights per year
20 nights per year
30 nights per year
All booking channels                
•       Free in-room Wi-Fi        
•       10%-30% off on F&B consumption (applies to participating restaurants) 1        
•       Welcome drinks        
•       Guaranteed Late Check-out 2 -   Extra 2-hour   Extra 3-hour   Extra 4-hour  
•       Extra bed special offer (subject to availability) -   -   One free   One free  
•       Access to executive lounge (if any) 3 -   -      
Booking direct with hotels
Exclusive benefits for booking directly with Participating Hotel(s) (benefits marked with a # are for bookings made through Programme Website only
•       Extra 12% off member discount on all promotional rates 4#        
•       Access to member exclusive rates and offers (if any)        
•       Room upgrade 5 -   To next category   To best available category except suite   To best available category including suite  
•       Birthday celebration – Room offer and special event in birthday month 6 -   Bar rate 30% off with 2 breakfasts   Bar rate 40% off with 2 breakfasts   Bar rate 50% off with 2 breakfasts; Dorsett Hour / Wine Hour party  
•       Daily free breakfast (for single occupancy) 7 -   1-day   Daily   Daily  
•       Free cancellation 8# -   -   48 hours before arrival   24 hours before arrival  
•       Guaranteed room availability 9# -   -   -   72 hours before arrival  
•       Invitations to special events -   -   -    
Footnotes 1-9 are detailed in Appendix 2.

Terms and conditions apply to the Member benefits - please refer to Appendix 2 - “Member Benefits Terms and Conditions”.  

  1. Redeeming Points   
Members can log on to the Programme Website to redeem a stay or reward with Programme Points.   
  1. Redeeming a stay:  Members can book a room with full points or part points.
  2. Redeeming a reward: Members can redeem items available on the “Rewards Catalogue on the Programme Website to be used in a Participating Hotel (each Participating Hotel’s rewards may vary) 
Terms and conditions may apply when redeeming a stay or reward.
Programme Points are strictly personal.  Members must check in personally for stay at the redeemed rooms.
Monthly activity statements are available on the Programme Website.
  1. Validity of Programme Points 
Programme Points are valid for 18 months (except for transferred points please refer to pt.12) from the date of issuance and are cancelled at the end of the 18th month, e.g. if Programme Points are earned on 15 September 2018, the expiry date for such Programme Points will be 30 March 2020. 

  1. Transferring Points
A member can log on to the Programme Website to transfer his/her Programme Points to another member. Programme points once transferred, cannot be reversed back to the original owning member account. Transferred points are valid for 3 months from the date of transfer and are cancelled at the end of the 3rd month. eg. if Programme Points are transferred on 20 July 2021, the expiry date for such Programme Points will be 31 Oct 2021.

  1. Making A Claim
13.1   Claims within the Participating Hotels Network
13.1.1   Missing Programme Points
If a Member notes that his/her Programme Points have not been credited for the Eligible Stay, the Member may submit a claim form which is available at the Programme Website or email to the Programme Administrator via for an official claim within 30 days following the Eligible Stay’s check out date. Claim form submitted after 30 days of the Eligible Stay would not be processed.

For the claim to be processed, the Member must attach a copy of the paid invoice from the relevant Participating Hotel. This invoice must not include handwritten modifications. Only the document printed by the Participating Hotel is acceptable and must be issued in the name of the Member making the claim.

Once a claim is proved to be justified, the correct number of Programme Points will be credited to the Member’s account along with the appropriate number of Eligible Nights for the calendar year during which the stay took place. If being awarded the correct number of Eligible Nights would have enabled the Member to achieve a different Member Status level in accordance with the rules detailed in the “Member Benefits” section below, the Member will be awarded that Member Status level for the remainder of the then current calendar year.

13.1.2   Disputes on Used Programme Points

Under no circumstances can used Programme Points be re-credited to Members. 
If a Member used the Programme Points to redeem a stay, then in the event of:
  • Cancellation of the booking – the used Programme Points will not be re-credited to the Member;
  • Amendment of the booking – the used Programme Points will be carried forward to the amended booking.
In the event of a dispute, the Programme Administrator’s decision shall be final.

13.2    Claims with Partners
Redemption of Programme partner rewards / certificates /points will be governed by individual partner’s policies,terms and conditions which are published and viewable by Members on the Programme Website before redemption.  Member agrees that Dorsett will not be liable for any disputes that Member and the Programme partners may have in relation to the use, availability and quality of the products or services that the Programme partners offer.  In the event any Member transfers the use of Programme partner rewards / certificates /points (if permitted by the Programme partner’s terms and conditions), this clause shall also apply to the transferee.                            
The Programme Points, once converted into a Programme partner rewards / certificates / points / airline miles , will under no circumstances be converted back into the Programme  Points. 

  1. General Rules                  
14.1   Members will receive an electronic card upon successful enrolment (“Membership Card) sent by email to the Member’s registered email address and also         retrievable from their Membership account after login at any time. The electronic Membership Card is nominative and strictly personal. The Membership Card lists the Member’s name, Membership number and expiry date of the Member Status (for Silver, Gold and Platinum status levels).
14.2   The rule is one Membership Card per Member.
14.3   Member must not disclose his/her Membership account password to any other party. Member accepts responsibility for all transactions and operations to and from his/her Membership account.
14.4   In the event of loss or theft of his/her electronic Membership Card, Member must notify the Programme  Administrator and submit an application for a new Membership card through the “Receive your card by email” section of the Member account on the Programme  Website.
14.5   A valid e-mail address is one of the requirements for successful enrolment into the Programme. Two or more Members should not use the same email address. By joining the Programme, Member agrees to receive electronic communications relating to the operation of, and services offered by, the Programme, including information messages, Programme Points statements and information regarding the operation of the Member's account. If the Member no longer wishes to receive this information, which is considered essential for the Programme operation, Member shall follow the Membership cancellation procedure to exit the Programme.
14.6   Members accept that the Programme may be modified, totally or partially, at any time by Dorsett.
14.7   The safekeeping of the rewards /certificates issued by the Participating Hotels or the Programme partners is the sole responsibility of the Member. There shall be no replacement of rewards /certificates. 
14.8   The Programme Administrator reserves the right to correct any Member statements or Programme Point accruals or balances that are incorrect due to processing errors.
14.9   Dorsett reserves the right to amend the rules, restrictions, programme benefits, and special offers without notice and to terminate the Programme at any time.
14.10 Programme partner rewards / certificates /points and the Participating Hotels’ benefits may be subject to taxes. Such taxes are the sole responsibility of the Member who is the recipient of the said benefit or reward.                  
14.11The Programme Administrator reserves the right to adjust the values of the Programme Points as and when necessary to reflect changing market conditions.
14.12 Fraud or abuse concerning the Programme or reward usage is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by Dorsett.
14.13 This Programme is void where prohibited by law.         
14.14 All interpretations of the Programme’s General Conditions of Use shall be at the sole discretion of Dorsett. In the event of any dispute, Member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region .

Appendix 1: The Participating Hotels as of March 2024

Dorsett Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Dorsett Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Dorsett Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong
Cosmo Hotel, Hong Kong
Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Kau U Fong, Hong Kong
Silka Far East, Hong Kong (From 2 April 2024)
Silka Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong (From 2 April 2024)
Dorsett Grand Chengdu, Mainland China
Dorsett Shanghai, Mainland China
Dorsett Wuhan, Mainland China
Dorsett Grand Labuan, Malaysia
Dorsett Grand Subang, Malaysia
Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dorsett Putrajaya, Malaysia
Dorsett Hartamas Kuala Lumpur
Dorsett Singapore, Singapore
Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore, Singapore (From 14 November 2022)
Dorsett City London, United Kingdom (till 13 March 2023)
Dorsett Shepherds Bush London, United Kingdom
Dao by Dorsett West London, United Kingdom
Dorsett Gold Coast, Australia
Dorsett Melbourne, Australia (From 28 April 2023)

Appendix 2 : Member Benefits Terms and Conditions
  1. Discount is not applicable to service charge and tax.  Additional terms may be applied by individual participating restaurants.
  2. Based on individual Participating Hotels standard check-out time which may vary from hotel tp hotel.   Guaranteed late check-out cannot be used in conjunction with the 26 hours full-stay benefit on   24 hours’ advance notice prior to preferred late check-out time must be provided to the Participating Hotel.
  3. Applies to Participating Hotels with executive lounge.  Select Participating Hotels may offer lounge-associated benefits in addition to lounge access.  Please check with Participating Hotel directly.
  4. Applies to public rates only without needing to enter promotional code.
  5. Subject to availability.  Reservation to be made directly via the Programme  Website.
  6. Applicable to Member’s birthday month only.  Offer is valid only if Member is booked for or stays for a minimum of three consecutive nights.  The party only applies to stays that overlap a Dorsett Wine Hour / Dorsett Hour held at a Participating Hotel.  Participating Hotel reserves the right to cancel the Dorsett Wine Hour due to special events or at its discretion.
  7. For Members only. Accompanying guests staying in the same room will not be entitled to enjoy free breakfast.
  8. Only applicable to bookings made via the Programme Website.
  9. The guarantee does not cover a specific room type.  Participating Hotels reserve the right to allocate any room type that is available. Members are required to quote their membership number at the time of booking.  Blackout dates may be applied by Participating Hotels.  Only applicable to bookings made via the Programme Website.
  10. Due to Covid-19, member benefits are unfortunately inapplicable to quarantine stays at this time.
Dorsett – Your Rewards Programme Benefits (last update 20 March 2024)  

Members enjoy additional 12% when you book direct with us

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